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  • Anton Safonov

Best Pancakes Ever - What can we learn from this?

Think of your favorite book - it isn't just about the story, it's about how it makes you feel. The same applies to our businesses. Products and services may get us in the door, but it's the customer experience that keeps us coming back for more.

It's high time we shift our focus from simply selling to creating memorable journeys. After all, in the grand theater of business, customer experience is the star of the show.

P.S. Quick shoutout to Babystacks Cafe in Vegas! With a stunning variety of flavors, their pancakes are a true breakfast game-changer. From Red Velvet to Cookies n' Cream, they're turning morning indulgence up a notch. If you're around, don't miss out - Babystacks Cafe is a pancake paradise! 🥞

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