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Viva Las Vegas

Reflections from the 1st Inaugural Hospitality Show - June 27 - 30, 2023

From robots to AI to environmental sustainability and more... What a week at the first inaugural The Hospitality Show presented by the American Hotel & Lodging Association!

It was great to meet new industry colleagues and see old friends. Friends dinner, Women Leading Travel & Hospitality happy hour, tons of client meetings and some informative panel sessions - 3 Aquarius takeaways from this very special event:

#1: In this industry, it's important to stand out.

Hospitality is all about creating a special kind of experience. What kind of experience did you have? How can you create that powerful experience? How can you use tools like AI to create experiences? #cxstrategy

#2: AI is all the buzz. Are you ready?

AI has reached this place where the trust is starting to build and it WILL be the new normal. Hoteliers will need to invest to make sure they do this right.

#3: Telling your Environmental Sustainability story is good for everyone.

Storytelling surrounding your sustainability efforts is an area of improvement for most hotels. It's one thing to make these efforts onsite, but you have the ability to help your customers feel good about their environmental sustainable champion choice that they made by selecting your property. Tell that story!

For an extra environmental sustainability boost, empower your team members to provide on the ground suggestions and create sustainability champions in house. Get buy in by including your team in brainstorming these efforts.

Kudos to the American Hotel & Lodging Association Team!

AHLA did an amazing job attracting new, exciting vendors to their Expo who have never been to a hospitality conference before... From a participant point of view, it was so fun to see different products and technologies entering the hospitality space.

Hats off to the AHLA team for an event well done. We're looking forward to next year's event in San Antonio!

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