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» Why You Need This:

Soft skills are the new hard skills. In today’s fast-paced business world, mastering communication, emotional intelligence, and business etiquette sets you, your team, and your business apart. These fundamental skills are the building blocks of any successful business and can be taught and nurtured throughout your organization for superior operations, business development, and return on investments.

» What You’ll Learn:

Navigating business with emotional intelligence, superior communication skills, polished and strategic executive presence. This course is perfect for mentoring future talent and building bench strength within your organization.

» Takeaway:

Communicate with impact, build strong relationships, and lead with confidence and poise.

Win in Business: Communication, EQ, and Executive Presence

» Why You Need This:

In a world overloaded with information, storytelling is your secret weapon. Whether it's promoting your brand or your project, highlighting your sustainable business practices, or upselling your most recent offerings, you and your team can learn to craft narratives that captivate and convince.


» What You’ll Learn:

Creating compelling stories, engaging your audience, showcasing the value of your projects, your team, and your efforts with hands-on, storytelling skill-building exercises.

» Takeaway:

Stand out from the crowd with stories that resonate and persuade. Show why your work matters and gain the support, resources, and funding you need.

The Ultimate Influencer

» Why You Need This:

Imagine walking into every negotiation with the confidence and strategy to secure the best possible deal. Our 6-hour interactive course turns negotiation into an art form, whether it's negotiating contracts, opportunities, terms, budgets, conflict, or resolutions both in and outside of your organization.

» What You’ll Learn:

Mastering negotiation types, crafting winning strategies, live practice sessions, and techniques to maximize ROI and secure the best terms for yourself, your team, and your business.

» Takeaway:

Turn negotiations into victories. Master these conversations and negotiate what you truly deserve.

Negotiation 101:
Maximizing Your ROI

» Why You Need This:

Whether you're applying for federal grants, brand approval, or VC funding, a winning proposal can be the difference between yes and no. Incorporate your newly established storytelling skills into the art of proposal writing and watch your acceptance rates soar.

» What You’ll Learn:

Key elements of successful proposals, persuasive writing techniques, customizing proposals for your audience, and practical skill-building exercises.

» Takeaway:

Write proposals that win over grants, VCs, and other stakeholders by effectively selling your ideas and work.

Better Proposals,
Better Outcomes


Are you ready to elevate your team and stand out in today's competitive landscape? 


At Aquarius Hospitality Solutions, we're not just offering classes—we're offering a transformation. Our Master Classes are designed to empower you and your team with the skills and insights to excel in today's fast-paced, competitive world.

Transferable to all industries, Aquarius is bringing the art of hospitality to you and your team with our core four master class series.

Business Meeting

Why Choose Aquarius
Master Classes?

We make it easy.

No need to cover travel for the entire team. Schedule an in-house, hybrid, or online training at a time and location that works best for your business. We'll come to you or design a solution that fits your needs.

The more, the merrier!

10 people or 50, Aquarius provides a variety of trainings for the whole team for a set price, lowering your cost per person with increased attendance.

Invest in those who impact your bottom line.

Whether it's attracting new business, negotiating contracts, or caring for existing clients, soft skills can heavily influence your ROI. Providing interactive, skills-based training for all levels of your business can impact not just employee retention and satisfaction, but also customer engagement and repeat business.


Don't see the topic you're looking for?

Aquarius provides customized workshops with 40 years of hospitality leadership expertise at your fingertips. Let's work together to design the training your team needs.

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