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Aquarius Co-Founder Michelle Jensen Session Featured on Hospitality Daily - Why Invest in Hotels

Why invest in hotels? One of the biggest investment conferences, The Lodging Conference, is coming up next week, and I wanted to explore the answer to that question. To do that, we're hearing today from a panel of experts:

"A hotel is probably the best source of monetizing every square inch of a building that you can imagine. It's an economic engine. It's a way of building generational wealth."

- Craig Sullivan, Founder and President of the California Lodging Investment Conference

"There are so many opportunities to create ancillary revenue, to market and work within your community. There's a ton of opportunity to make money in a creative and different way that you just can't with the other products."

- Michelle Jensen Session, co-owner of Kensington Investment Group, and co-founder of Aquarius Hospitality

"If you do it well, there are a few industries where you can generate the kind of cash on cash returns that the hotel industry can generate."

- Del Ross - who led sales and marketing for one of the biggest hotel companies in the world, and now invests in hotels personally

🎧 Listen to Craig, Michelle, Del and I discuss this more today on the Hospitality Daily Podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify or here:

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