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Visionary Mentor Spotlight - Dorothy Dowling

There are certain people in our lives who leave footprints on our journey, guiding us and illuminating our path. One such person for us at Aquarius Hospitality Solutions is the remarkable Dorothy Dowling. This post is a tribute to Dorothy, expressing our heartfelt gratitude for her tireless guidance and mentorship.

The Early Days

Take a trip down memory lane with us to a time when we, as emerging leaders, observed Dorothy ascend to the position of the Global Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President of Sales at Best Western Hotels & Resorts. She was not just a part of the crowd, but a force to be reckoned with, standing tall on the global stage of the hospitality industry.

Dorothy, with her indomitable spirit and unwavering resolve, highlighted the necessity for significant transformations within Best Western. These were aimed at aligning the organization's strategies more closely with the ever-evolving landscape of the industry. Witnessing her use her influence to mold and adapt an iconic brand to the demands of the modern era was nothing short of inspirational.

Key Takeaways

Dorothy has taught us so many invaluable lessons over time, some of the key ones being: "Your network is your net worth," and "Read the publications that your customers read." Her in-depth understanding of the market, backed by diligent research and keen insights, enables her to speak with authority and innovate fearlessly. She is an innovator, a dot connector, and a ground breaker in countless ways.

She's a constant learner, applying her knowledge to her worldview and approach to business. One thing we always rely on her for is her understanding of the market's demands – her ability to sift through the noise and pinpoint the most effective strategies is a testament to her 'go-to-market' capabilities. This skill is so natural to her that she often doesn't even realize she's employing it.

Leading by Example

What sets Dorothy apart, even more, is her heart. She's passionately committed to leaving a positive impact on the world, and to helping young business leaders realize their potential. Her approach to life, seeing it as a series of 10-year chunks, has filled her with a sense of responsibility she takes very seriously, and a drive to give back.

Lastly, we must mention her commitment and drive. Watching Dorothy launch her own consultancy has been nothing short of inspirational. Once she commits to a goal, she pursues it relentlessly. Her tenacity is awe-inspiring and serves as a constant reminder that nothing worthwhile comes without hard work and dedication.

Thank you, Dorothy, for your wisdom, your courage, and the joy you so easily spread. Your influence has not only shaped your illustrious career but has significantly contributed to molding ours.

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